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Turn Phone Credit to Cash

If you’re anything like us at Mobile Bingo Bonuses, then you tend to end your month with a lot of unused pay as you go mobile phone credit. We have the perfect solution to combine your love of bingo or casino and making sure that credit doesn’t get wasted; simply turn phone credit to cash.

If you religiously top up your phone credit and find that you end up with lots left, then you’ll be interested to know that an increasing number of mobile websites and apps allow the facility to pay into your account via your mobile phone bill or PAYG credit.

Sites that let you turn phone credit in to cash;turn phone credit in to cash

How to convert unused phone credit to cash

As a result of using the method below we successfully turned £80 worth of unwanted mobile phone credit to cash, from a sim card we no longer wanted or needed and here’s how you can too!

Open an account with mFortune mobile casino, or any other SMS deposit site listed above. By doing so you’ll automatically qualify for a minimum £5 welcome bonus with no deposit required, just for opening your account. This will come in handy when converting your phone credit to cash.

In the interest of full disclosure, you will need to make a deposit using your unused phone credit, your phone payment will show as bonus credit; now here’s the tricky but potentially rewarding part.

Using casinos to convert mobile credit

You will need to play mobile casino or bingo games using your bonus credit, there’s no getting away from that. We love playing on the high quality slots available because you’re usually guaranteed a better pay-out rate.

You will no doubt win small amounts to begin with but this is good, every pound you win turns bonus credit to cash credit. For instance if you spend £5 of your initial £20 and only win £4, the amount you win has been converted to cash. At some point you will almost always have more than you deposited; this is when you need to try to withdraw.

The minimum amount you can withdraw is £20, the trick is to continuously try withdrawing as this will tell you how much cash you can draw on. As soon as your cash credit reaches £20 then withdraw it, you should still have some bonus credit left to continue playing and possibly win more.

Our Experience

When we tried this, we managed to convert £80 of unused mobile phone credit in to £60 cold hard cash. Losing twenty pound was worth it and better than having unused credit.

The absolute best advice we can give you is to play the games first, so you can get used to how they work or perfect your technique to improve your chances of being able to turn phone credit to cash.

If you’re not interested in trying to get your cash back and just want to use it up, there is also the option phone bill sports betting.

Gamble Aware