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Landline Casino Payments

When it comes to making deposits, most casino and online gamblers prefer to use the more well-known options, such as Apple Pay, PayPal or bank transfer. But every now and then a new payment methods comes along like landline casino payments to stir things up a little.

Landline payments for online casinos is relatively new, but people have been using home phones in this manner for years. This may come as a shock to some of you, but a landline phone is a little more than some retro ornament from bygone times.

Before mobiles became so popular, people used them to make calls and you could even get the current time from a talking clock. But as with all technology, it has had to evolve and that’s where casino landline transactions come in.

Changes made to BT payment technology has made pay by landline casino banking possible. Unfortunately it took phone providers a little longer to catch on to this than their mobile counterparts. So the majority of gamers are unaware of this simple and secure casino payment option.

People have been gambling for generations, so this billing option is perfect for the older crowd; those who aren’t quite as tech savvy or trusting of e-wallets. So how exactly can you make a casino deposit using BT landline and which gambling sites offer it?

Online Casinos with Landline Payments in the UK

Landline casino paymentsFirst things first, let’s take a look at what casino sites offer BT billing. Similar to with how slow the technology was developed, casinos have been equally as relaxed when adopting it. But luckily we do have three options for you.

Hippozino Casino

Hippozino Casino is the perfect site for gamblers looking for a casino that has it all, including an exciting platform and a huge quantity of games. This includes an excellent range of live casino games such as live Roulette or Live Poker, that offer seamless realistic effects.

Boyle Casino

Boyle Casino is by far the biggest brand to adopt landline payments, offering not just a casino but also a reputable sports brand. As well as being a big brand, they also have the ability to partner with some of the biggest game providers on the planet. This means they have access to an extensive library of games and even exclusive slots, table casino or bingo games.

How Does Mobile Casino Landline Billing Work?

In recent years there has been a significant increase in online gamblers using phone bill banking. Security issues with some payment methods has a big part to play in the rise of these options, as they use your phone number to authenticate payments rather than bank details.

Strangely, a lot of those who are using mobile phone payments still aren’t aware that they can also use BT bill, Virgin Media or TalkTalk contracts to make casino deposits.

Another popular draw for landline gambling is the fact that payments are processed quickly and fees are reduced; especially when compared to popular e-wallets.

Obviously there may be better options than Virgin media billing for casino deposits, but that all depends on the player. Some prefer to just make a few taps on their mobile as opposed to using a landline. But this banking option shouldn’t be dismissed, as there are still plenty of benefits for using it; especially as the phone providers will only partner with casino brands they trust.

If you are intrigued as to how these payments work and whether they are suitable for you, we’ve broken down the process below.

Select Your BT Casino

The first and most obvious step is to find your new landline casino. You will now no doubt recall we mentioned a few reputable sites earlier, this was to save you time so you don’t have to trawl the internet looking for them. They also happen to have some great welcome bonuses and promotions.

Choose Landline Deposits

Registering at your new casino is quick and easy, simply provide a few details such as name, D.O.B and contact details. Depending on the casino you choose, you may be asked to provide Know Your Customer documentation to verify your identity before you can deposit; although some ask for this at the point you want to make a withdrawal.

Once you are past the registration process you’ll be asked to select a preferred payment method and make a deposit. If you select Landline billing then you will be asked for a deposit amount and the number you wish to charge it to.

Someone will then call the number provided to verify the information, this is simply to ensure there is nothing fraudulent occurring; no financial details will be needed. Simply follow the automated prompts and the payment will be completed, but ensure you stay on the line until the call disconnects or you are told to hang up; otherwise the payment may not be fully processed.

Play Landline Slots

Once the confirmation call has ended and you can see the funds in your account, it’s now time to spin those reels. Although the daily deposit limit is low for home phone payments, it’s still enough to get plenty of play time for casual gamblers.

It’s been designed with casual gambling in mind and to protect players who are vulnerable to excessive gambling. The fact that the payments will be added to your BT, Virgin Media or Talk Talk bill, means that it is paid automatically with your monthly direct debit. So there is less chance of you accumulating a large amount of debt.

What are the Benefits of Casino Landline Depositing?

The first thing a lot of casino gamblers want to know about a new payment method, what are the benefits? After all, there is no point switching if it is going to make things more complicated for you. Below you will find the main reason why you should consider adopting land line payments.

Faster Transactions

There is nothing worse than making a deposit and having to wait hours or even days for the funds to clear. Thankfully phone payments won’t have you twiddling your thumbs while the money is transferred. Deposits which are processed using your phone number are available instantly once you have verified the payment.

Secure Payments

In the era of cyber threats, financial security is of utmost importance, this is where Landline banking excels. Using direct bank transfers at several online casinos means your financial information is held by lots of companies. But with BT Landline casinos all you need to provide is your phone number and BT will do the rest.

Responsibly Manage Your Gambling

Another big plus for landline banking at online gambling sites is the ability to better manage your money. Although the payments are processed instantly you don’t actually pay for them until your phone bill is due.

If you pay your bill by monthly direct debit then you can easily spread out your betting in to bite size chunks; thanks to their deposit limits. This should mean that you never go above a set amount per month.

Acting like a buy now pay later option obviously has its benefits, unlike credit cards you will never incur interest charges; as the full amount is always repaid and we always advise players not to view it as a form of credit either.

Drawbacks of Using BT, TalkTalk and Virgin Media Landline Deposit

Deposit Limits

Although there are benefits to having a spending limit, like we mentioned above, it can deter some gamblers. If you happen to be a high roller or have an average monthly spend higher than the limits imposed, you would no doubt be hesitant at using Landlines. But if you do want to spend a little more, then there is the option of having a second deposit method; but we would always recommend staying within an affordable budget.

Withdrawing Funds using Landline

It’s all well and good being able to add money to your casino, but what happens when you win? Unfortunately Virgin Media and other landline casino options are strictly a one way payment service. This means that you can only use them to deposit and withdrawing money is not possible.

In order to take out any profit from gambling you would need a secondary option, such as bank transfer.

Lack of Landline Gambling Sites

Despite the increase in uptake in phone bill payments using mobile providers, sadly landlines haven’t quite had the same impact just yet. This is why we only have a few sites to recommend at this time, it also saves you the hassle of looking for them. Thankfully, we hear that we will be soon be increasing this list, even though some younger gamblers deem landlines to be obsolete or antiquated.

Landline Casino Slot Games

Thankfully, despite there not being many casinos, there are still plenty of gaming options available. Most modern online casinos now have access to some of the best slot games from leading developers. In fact we think you will be spoilt for choice and may have a hard time choosing your favourite landline slots.

Alternative Banking Methods to Landline Deposits

We accept that limited casino sites to choose from may be off putting, so if landline casinos don’t quite float your boat, what other options do you have for making deposits?

Pay by Mobile

You’ve probably noticed we’ve mention this above in passing. Where Landlines are lacking, Pay by Mobile and Boku payments certainly make up some ground. They have all the benefits of BT Billing but with far more casinos to choose from, some are even very well-known established brands.


This is probably the most well-known and utilised payment method, chances are you may already be using one. The reason being, versatility and availability, as most casinos accept them, with PayPal and Neteller being the most popular. They also offer instant deposits, fast withdrawals and higher deposit limits

Prepaid Cards

Similar to the old electricity cards you may be familiar with, Neosurf and Paysafe require you to upload credit. This can usually be done at your local shop or newsagent. You can then deposit that cash online using your account and security is assured with a unique pin code, which is requested by the casino before the payment is processed.

Summary of Landline Casino Payments

New methods of adding credit to your casino wallet are always worth knowing about. It maybe that you don’t want a new one today, but if you have difficulties with your current payment then you always have the option to change.

Landline billing doesn’t have the popularity of Boku banking, but they have many similarities, including the benefits. We can imagine that older players will be those who may take up this option as they are probably the only players with a landline. The main benefit is the fact that you will limit your exposure to financial theft from hackers, which is hugely appealing to many.

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