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Ilixium Casino Payments Online

When it comes to online gambling, we always think we have seen it all, but then something else pops up on our radar. This one comes in the form of a new payment method which promises to make your banking experience safe and quick. We are sure that payment methods aren’t always your first thought when you’re picking a new casino site or even logging into your old favourite. But having the right tools in your armoury can make a huge difference in your online gambling experience. You may not be aware, but the banking method chosen can impact whether you can access the welcome and regular promotions and how long it takes to withdraw any winnings from your gaming wallet. So, it is important to investigate the finer details when making your decision. There are many options out there, with e-wallets becoming the superstars of the payment world, so let us tell you a little more about Ilixium Casino Payments Online.

Ilixium Casino Payments OnlineIlixium E-Wallet Banking

We’ve already mentioned that e-wallets are the superstars of the payment world and that’s because there are more and more popping up due to their popularity with online customers. Ilixium is another e-wallet provider and as such offers a number of benefits for casino players.

The main reason people use e-wallets is because of their simplicity in making transactions in various currencies and in different countries. Worldwide e-commerce has exploded in the last decade and so new technologies have had to be brought in to keep up with the demand, including reliable banking. For it to be really successful, e-wallet payments had to provide a positive experience and additional benefits for the customer. It is these benefits that have made them the online payment of choice and it is why Ilixium is a strong contender in casino banking options.

With Ilixium you can transfer funds between major banks such as Visa and Mastercard, and they even utilise the more obscure methods such as Ideal, Sofort and Trustly.

Can You Trust Ilixium Payments for Casino Credit?

This is always a difficult one for us to answer, because all banking methods cannot be 100% secure. But there are ways you can tell if they are a legitimate brand, especially within the financial sector. Firstly, what financial institutions are they members of? Ilixium is a UK authorised Electronic Money Institution agent and is regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority, which gives more credence to the company.

Ilixium use a format of encrypted security technology which is normal for e-wallets and provides a higher safety standard than other types of banking. This is because there is a barrier of protection between the gaming site and your bank account. Most of us will have experienced bank fraud or even an attempt on our account, so having that extra layer of safety will minimise the risk as you transfer your money across. As you can imagine this is the reason e-wallets have become so popular with online players and we can envisage this will only continue as fraudsters become craftier.

How to Use Ilixium for Your Gambling Credit Payment

You will probably have discovered Ilixium in one of two ways, either on the site you currently play with, or via a new casino site such as Zodiac Casino. If you are registering on a new site then of course you’ll have to provide some personal details and go through the know your customer process, as required by the UK Gambling Commission. Validating a player’s identification is essential to stop the vulnerable from accessing online gambling, such as those under 18 and it helps prevent money laundering.

Once the details are completed then you will be asked to pick a banking method, and this is where you will pick Ilixium. The final stage will be completed on the Ilixium website and will again require some personal information and of course bank account details. Since Ilixium provides secure transactions, it will ensure that you are who you say you are by sending you a pin code which they have named ‘pinPay’. After receiving the code, you simply enter the digits and confirm the value of the credit you want to add.

At this point you will begin to see the benefits of banking with Ilixium, because unlike some other methods this is completely free. There are no administrative charges or transfer costs added when you complete the process. We should note that if you opted to keep money within your Ilixium wallet instead of a straight transfer, then a fee will be applied.

Once you have completed registration then you can amend your personal details or financial information whenever you need to.

Banking with Ilixium on Mobile Devices

Mobile gambling is now a standard and customers expect a sites platform to offer high quality and seamless game play. This is also applicable to banking methods, because if a player experiences glitches or the transfers are slow, then they may move onto another casino or slot site.

The fact that Ilixium has a high standard of technology, means that they are available on both mobile and desktop. Their page is adaptable no matter the device you are using (iOS, Android or Blackberry), as is the pinPay option. Also, because they are an e-wallet you should experience a fast transfer of funds.

Summary of Ilixium Casino Payments Online

It’s always handy to have a range of options when it comes to banking on your chosen gambling site and Ilixium is definitely one to add to the list. E-wallets are popular for a reason and that is simplicity, security and of course no administration charges. More and more people are moving from traditional bank transfers purely because of the fact that they have to wait days for the money to move across, whereas with e-wallets it’s normally pretty instant.

That’s the benefits, so what is the problem with Ilixium? Well, the main one is the lack of casino sites which accept it, but we hope to see that change in the future. We have already mentioned Zodiac Casino which offers an exciting welcome bonus and a great range of games.

As Ilixium casino payments become more popular, you’ll also need to consider if it impacts your ability to claim any bonuses or promotions. There are some e-wallets such as Skrill and Neteller which are commonly blocked from any bonuses and as such if you use them, you are unable to claim any free credit via promotions. If you are a fan of getting extra credit, then it is worth taking a look at the terms and conditions section before you choose your payment method.

Hopefully, this has given you all the information you were after about Ilixium Online Casino Payments and why this may be the perfect banking method for you.

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