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Extra Spel Casino Bonus

Unfortunately, there is no promotional scheme available on Extra Spel to assist us in advertising the site. As such we have provided you with an alternative called Boyle Sports Casino, which is an impressive gaming site offering a great choice for any type of player.

We at Mobile Bingo Bonuses know it’s such a cliché for the British to talk about the weather, but the unusually warm and sunny summer just got a whole hell of a lot better, 50% more cash better to be precise. To help celebrate such a scorcher the folks over at Extra Spel Casino just turned up the heat with a red hot addition to their welcome bonus.

Extra Spel CasinoFor a limited time, not only will you receive the usual £5 No Deposit welcome bonus and two bonus scratch cards, your first Extra Spel Casino deposit bonus has been kicked up a notch.

The standard 100% deposit match of up to £200 has been replace with the limited time 150% first deposit match, which means you can actually spend less but get more.

So however much you want to deposit there’s big stack of bonus cash just waiting to be snatched up.

How To Claim Your Extra Spel Casino Bonus

The bonus amount may have changed but everything else just about remains the same with one exception.

As usual when you complete the quick registration form and open your account, the £5 bonus will hit your account instantly, as will your two complimentary scratch cards.

Then when you’re ready to deposit, make your payment using one of the many deposit methods available at Extra Spel Casino.

You will instantly receive the standard 100% bonus in to your account, but this is the important bit, once your 100% bonus hits, head on over to the Chat tab on the Contact Us page and give the chat moderator promo code MIDSOMMAR, another 50% bonus will be added to your account.

So why not visit Extra Spel Casino now to claim your extra 50% bonus before they change their mind, as this exclusive deposit bonus is only available until the end of July.

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