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Bingo Games

Online bingo games are a rapidly growing entertainments industry whose player’s span different ages, cultures and even gender, with men increasingly becoming bingo games roomies; roomies being the term used for friends you make and chat with when playing.

If you’re new to the bingo games world then Mobile Bingo Bonuses are here to help and as well as providing a bit of detail about the types of games we’ll also tell you about the best sites for bingo games around at the moment.


Top Sites For Bingo Games;Bingo games

You can click on any of the provider’s names above to go directly to their site and claim your bonus.

Most sites will offer the most popular versions of this great game including 90 ball bingo, 80 ball bingo and 75 ball bingo. These can vary depending on the site and have specific themes or even special additions to make the game even more exciting. Many roomies have the opportunity to play both bingo and their favourite slots games due to the new format of ‘Auto Daub,’ literally meaning it automatically ticks it off for you!!

To give you a bit of an idea as to what the game involves we’ll explain the 90 ball bingo games as the rest are pretty similar.

The 90 ball bingo game is normally played in three phases, one line win, two line win and a full house.

The card has 9 boxes across and 3 down on each section, with 5 of the squares having numbers and 4 being blank on each row. The numbers in the 5 squares are random and from 1 to 90; the first column displays only numbers from one to 10, the second column displays numbers 11 to 20, the third 21 to 30, the fourth 31 to 40, the fifth 41 to 50, the sixth 51 to 60, the seventh 61 to 70, the eighth 71 to 80 and finally the ninth column goes from 81 to ninety.

Hopefully not too confusing, but you’ll want to know how to win?

One Line – Players need to simply complete one horizontal line across the card to win, i.e. 5 numbers.

Two Lines – Players need to complete two lines across the card, i.e. 10 numbers daubed.

Full House – Players need to have crossed off all of the 15 numbers on one of the cards.

Prizes will vary depending on the bingo games providers but usually they will increase for each win, with the full house having the biggest prize.

Many online bingo games sites not only offer depositing games but also no deposit bingo. For most this is the chance for you to try out the sites and build your bingo games techniques.

Hopefully we’ve introduced you to the beautiful world of bingo games and you can click on any of the provider’s names above, to go to their site and register.

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